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In response to rapid development of telecommunications technologies and a high demand of communications professionals worldwide, the International Master’s Program in Telecommunication Engineering (IMPTE) is founded with the main goal of training its students to be equipped with global vision and professional engineering skills in the telecommunication area. The curriculum is designed based on the state-of-the-art development of the telecom technologies.

IMPTE is the first of its kind in Taiwan. In addition to providing professional training for students, the program also offers opportunities for internships in the local telecommunication industry. We aim at training our students to become truly competitive in the job markets of their own countries.


The department's Education Goal

1. To educate students theoretical knowledge in the communications engineering field.

2. To train students having practical communications engineering skills.

3. To enhance teamwork and engineering ethics.

4. To inspire students' potential and encurage them to think independently and be  innovatively.

5. To have international perspective.


The Student's Professional Ability

1. Be able to analyze, express and solve problems by integrating communication engineering knowledge.

2. Be able to organize communication engineering knowledge.

3. Be able to achieve the goal by working with tean and following engineering ethics.

4. Be able to find out his/her own potential, think independently and be able to take challenge any time.