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Graduation Requirements



  • Students must complete 24 credits to fulfill the requirement of Graduation; that is 8 masters' courses. Among them, at least 3 courses must come from the IMPTE course list. Only two"Independent Studies / Special Topics", only one course on"English Technical Writing and related topics", and 2 courses lectured in Chinese are allowed to be counted in fulfilling graduation requirements.

  • Academic credit will not be given if a grade of B- (score of 70 in the percentage system); a grade of B- (score of 70 in the percentage system) is the passing grade.

Online ethic courses 

The ethic education center of Ministry of Education(MoE) on https://ethics.moe.edu.tw/.

This online course is for learning and training to be applicable to college and master students, teachers, and researchers. All IMPTE students need to attend courses and get the certificate. 

Master's Thesis & Master's Degree Examination (Oral Defense) 

Students must complete a thesis related to his/her research specialties and pass the Master's Degree Examination.

-- In our program, students are required to enter the laboratory for research work under the guidance of the supervisor during the study period. You have to approach a professor for the research supervision. The topic of the thesis must get the approval of the supervisor.

-- Students must provide proof of plagiarism check when submitting the final draft of the thesis. Excluding introductions, references, catalogs, attachments, etc., the thesis originality comparison index should not exceed 12%.

-- The Master's Degree Examination Comittee is comprised of 3 to 5 members with at least 1 member invited from another department/Institute.

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