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Company Visit to Brogent Technologies Inc.

Professors and students from International Master’s Program in Electrical Power Engineering (IMEPE) and International Master’s Program in Telecommunication Engineering (IMPTE) of National Sun Yat-sen University visited Brogent Technologies Inc., the leading company in the flying-theater industry at Kaohsiung Software Technology Park on 4 th December, 2019.

Brogent led our international students from India, Indonesia, Brazil, Honduras and Guatemala to fly over the top of Mountain Jade, dash down into the bottom of Penhu Bay, see cherry blossoms in winter and wander on sand beaches in summe, making them experience the innovative technique of i-Ride, just like the other 10 million passengers around the world.

“We can feel and even smell the surrounding terrain, such as when we dive into the ocean we can feel water splash, and also when we fly over the blossom Sakura field, the scent of flower blossoming is around us!” said Haidar of IMEPE, amused by the scent effects created by i-Ride that features six scents along with hot air.

Makarim came to Taiwan this summer to study at IMPTE and took the flying theater for the first time. He really enjoyed this spectacular experience. He also obtained additional knowledge related to the development of entertainment technology business and its business mode through the following the company's introduction.

Brogent did not involve in the entertainment industry while established in 2001, but accumulated its capability through a number of unsuccessful cases and learned from each lesson. Their competitive advantages are on built on the techniques of simulating and efficiently integrating both software and hardware. The company review addressed several key factors in this successful business story, and let us view its business mode from another aspect.

“I didn’t expect much at first, but felt impressed in the end with the idea that this company has developed innovation and influences the world economy. Their need of engineers is a spark of motivation for us.” said Marcial, a senior student of IMEPE. Yan agreed that this company visit provided all international students with a better understanding of Taiwanese companies and the way they deal with business.




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