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Master's Thesis

* Thesis Forms :

   Letter of Agreement (WORD File)      

        This form is for confirming Master's Thesis Advisor. This form should be signed and submitted to the IMPTE office within five months of the beginning of the academic year in which the student is enrolled.

   Co-Advisor Consent Form (WORD File)      (ODF File)

        This form is for confirming Master's Thesis Co-Advisor.

   Advisor Change Consent Form (WORD File)      (ODF File)

        This form is for the students who wish to change the Master's Thesis Advisor.  


* Information for Thesis Defense :

  Hot!!   Information of Master's Degree Examination Application 

                      If you have no idea for the flow of your Thesis Defense, please refer for this document.

    National Sun Yat-sen University Thesis/Dissertation Format Regulations     封面封底顏色 : The color of the front & back cover.

        Please follow the university's regulation of your Thesis format and submit the paperback of the thesis with the "orange" front/back cover to the Academic Affairs Office and the Library.   

  New!!   The Statement of Academic Ethics (PDF File)   (WORD File)

        The declaration is for the thesis. If any plagiarism is detected, the Degree will be cancelled. The student must accept any legal responsibility without laying the blame on the adviser, the committee members and IMPTE, NSYSU.

   New!!  Application for Embargo of the Thesis/Dissertation (PDF File) 

        If you would like to apply the delayed publication of your thesis, please fill in the form. (for the National Central Library)


        Please provide the map to the external examiner.


        Please apply the VIP PASS for the examiner who drives to NSYSU.


* Useful Link :

   Postgraduate Defense Online Application 

   Thesis Submission System 

   Plagiarism Detection Checker -- Turnitin 

 New!!  Turnitin ( Class ID & Password ) 


* Leave School Application : 

  Hot!!  The Step of Application for Leaving School 




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