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International Master's Program in Telecommunication Engineering specializes in wireless communication systems, sensing networks, transceiver and IC designs to RF systems and antenna designs, with the goal of preparing international communication engineers for the future.

IMPTE Courses (3 credits for each course) :
  • Digital Communications
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Adaptive Filter Theory
  • Statistical Communication Theory
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • 3D IC Integration Technology and Design for Mobile Devices
  • Application of Random Set Theory in Communications
  • Cooperative Communications and Networks
  • Optimization Theory
  • Error-Correction Coding
  • Full-Duplex Communications for Future Wireless Networks
  • Advanced Mathematics in Communications Engineering

NSYSU course selection website:  http://selcrs.nsysu.edu.tw/smain.asp?eng=1


Graduation Regulation


Students must complete 24 credits to fulfill the requirement of Graduation; that is 8 masters' courses. Among them, at least 3 courses must come from the courses listed above. Only two"Independent Studies / Special Topics", only one course on"English Technical Writing and related topics", and 2 courses lectured in Chinese are allowed to be counted in fulfilling graduation requirements.


The department's Education Goal


1. To educate students theoretical knowledge in the communications engineering field.

2. To train students having practical communications engineering skills.

3. To enhance teamwork and engineering ethics.

4. To inspire students' potential and encurage them to think independently and be  innovatively.

5. To have international perspective.


The Student's Professional Ability


1. Be able to analyze, express and solve problems by integrating communication engineering knowledge.

2. Be able to organize communication engineering knowledge.

3. Be able to achieve the goal by working with tean and following engineering ethics.

4. Be able to find out his/her own potential, think independently and be able to take challenge any time.