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Student Recruitment of 2020 Fall Semester


Welcome to study at National Sun Yet-sen University, which is the most beautiful campus in Taiwan, situated in the mountain with the overlook of Xizi Bay.

You can study on weekdays and go to enjoy the sunshine at the beach on the weekend~
Take the chance to submit your application for the upcoming 2020.

**International Degree Student Application for Spring Admission 2020**

Register Now: https://admission.nsysu.edu.tw/eoiaform/passportMember/login

*Admission Brochure
-> https://oia.nsysu.edu.tw/var/file/7/1007/img/2175/NSYSU2020-2021AdmissionApplicationHandbook.pdf

*Admission Application->
->> https://oia.nsysu.edu.tw/var/file/7/1007/img/2152/2019-20-NSYSUInternationalDegreeProgramGuide.pdf

**More information about NSYSU Scholarship
-> https://oia.nsysu.edu.tw/p/412-1007-16279.php?Lang=en

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